Jessica Plant Design + Branding (JPDB) is a small (yet mighty!) creative studio dedicated to designing with integrity.




Design with integrity means to choose courage over comfort; to do what is right over what is fast or easy and to put into practice our core values daily. JPDB was founded with the mindset to make a difference and to do good. We are committed to providing excellent service by being honest, fair and transparent.


Whether your project takes on the form of branding, digital, print, or a combination thereof, our strategic approach is the same. We are focused on developing a deep connection with each brand for a truly personalized experience.
Our mission is to guide and support passionate entrepreneurs, small and big businesses alike, on a journey to meaningful branding, that incorporates their unique story and reaches the markets they seek to serve. Our holistic, customized, and research-based approach, produces exceptional results today and for future growth.

Make a difference in the world

ONE (1)


Advocate for being unique

TWO (2)


Strive to work passionately



Encourage understanding and be honest

FOUR (4)


Inspire the heart and mind

FIVE (5)


First I drink the tea, then I do the things.


A self-proclaimed tea granny, punster and font junkie, with over a decade of corporate design experience. 

In 2017, I set out on this entrepreneurial journey to reclaim my purpose and follow my passion for making a difference. Fast forward to today and I've designed a life I love. 


Be bold or italic, never regular.

Jessica Plant


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