let's get personal

At Jessica Plant Design + Branding (JPDB) you’ll meet a strong group of creative women united in the commitment to design, communicate and create with integrity.


We choose courage over comfort, what is right over what is fast or easy, and put our core values into daily practice. Jessica Plant founded JPDB to make a difference and to do good. We embody this mindset by providing excellent service while leading with honesty, fairness and transparency.

Whether your project involves one or a combination of services, we take a strategic approach that’s focused on developing a deep connection with you for a truly personalized experience.


Reach and influence your market


Our mission is to guide and support passionate entrepreneurs and small and large businesses alike on a journey towards:

  • Meaningful branding

  • Powerful creative assets

  • A new or improved digital presence

  • Amplified print collateral 

Our holistic, customized, research-based approach to branding produces exceptional results today and sets the stage for future growth tomorrow.





Make a difference in the world



Advocate for being unique



Strive to work passionately



Encourage understanding and be honest



Inspire the heart and mind


Transparency is paramount. Deception is not our cup of tea.


Meet your team


Jessica Plant

Owner + Creative Director

"Be bold or italic, never regular." — Anonymous

Jessica Plant is a visionary who is wildly passionate about design and function. Her extensive branding experience centres around creating strong, lasting connections with clients. In an industry driven by results, Jessica and her team deliver more than a strong ROI. Committed to effective marketing and responsive website design, they bring possibilities to life and turn vision into reality.

Determined to make a difference, this self-proclaimed tea granny and font junkie set out on an entrepreneurial journey back in 2017 that was fueled by passion (and yes, tea). As the owner of a highly sought after creative agency Jessica is a bold leader committed to bringing a fresh, holistic approach to branding. With a vocation that ignites her soul, Jessica has designed a life she loves.


Kimberley Fowler

Content Strategist

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." Sylvia Plath

​An experienced writer, editor, strategist and teacher, Kimberley began her career in the publishing industry back in 2005. With a Master of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Education she has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of language. Driven by her passion for the written word, Kimberley is a creative spirit with an imaginative soul.


Kimberley takes the time to listen, connect with, and truly understand JPDB's clients so that she can authentically tell their story in a voice that feels like their own. A strong advocate for the reader and end user, Kimberley puts the audience first which results in copy that generates leads, converts customers, and forges lasting brand connections. 



Pamela Crichton


"...the photograph must contain the humanity of the moment." — Robert Frank

Although she's been behind the camera her entire life, Pam is above all else a people person who takes the time to connect with JPDB’s clients, understand their goals and recreate that vision with her lens. Her positive energy and calm, caring nature puts clients at ease and allows her to showcase people and products in their best light. The result is empowering photography that tells a visual story and captures the essence of the brand.

Formally trained as a teacher, in 2017 Pam decided to pursue her artistic passion — photography. Doing so has brought her great joy and happiness which is evident throughout her work. With an eye for subtle details, Pam consistently produces stunning shots in a relaxed and comfortable environment that ensures an on-brand experience for all involved.