makes perfect

We believe the process is just as important as the end goal. Successful identities undergo deep diving discovery, strategizing, design and implementation before they become anything worthwhile. During the process, this is where the values a brand builds its foundation upon are uncovered, as well as the nuances that make it stand out.


The initial step is the client discovery process that involves brand consultation and analysis. As the client, you will fill out the design questionnaire, to refine your goals, capture your mission and define your audience. In a follow up in person consultation, we will take this foundation information and collaboratively determine the best course of action to build your brand identity.


Next, we will focus on researching your industry, target market and competitors; honing in on current design styles, relevant trends, and possible benchmark brands. Using all this as inspiration, a mood board will be created to capture your desired brand personality and colour palette.


The mood board will be the foundation of the next stage and will also ensure we are in agreement about the style direction. This strategic approach provides the basis for a considered brand identity that not only looks stylish but also has the desired impact.


With the brand direction defined, it is time to begin developing the logo concepts – the heart of your new brand identity. We begin with pencil and paper sketches, then these ideas are refined to ultimately present you with two (2) alternative logo solutions.


As part of this presentation the brand strategy will be delivered including the design elements – secondary logo, submark, colour palette, typography, patterns and social signatures. All brand storyboard elements are methodically considered to present a fully comprehensive brand identity. In addition you will receive digital in use renderings to showcase how each logo concept could appear in a real-life situation.


After discussing and reviewing the two (2) alternative logo concept routes, the preferred solution will be progressed through up to two (2) rounds of revisions.


Once the final logo concept is approved, we create the agreed to print, web, and social collateral -- business cards, stationery, website, social media, email marketing and so on – to complete your seamless new look.


For each deliverable, we listen to your feedback and finalize your designs through up to two (2) rounds of revisions. There will be lots of communication between us throughout the process, so honest feedback and timely responses are essential.


The final step is to share your new brand identity with the world! We will provide you with all of your logo and brand element files in several formats and colours as well as a tutorial on file usage. If applicable to your package, your website will be launched and a step by step visual website editor tutorial will also be provided.



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