for on-going monthly design needs 


  1. Complete the Retainer Inquiry Form + Schedule Consultation – We will discuss your projected design needs to learn all about your business and marketing goals. 

  2. Paperwork + First Payment – Once the service agreement is completed and the first retainer fee is received, the initial consultation call will be scheduled to discuss your project scope for the first month.

  3. Communication, Reminders + Reports – You will have access to a secure online portal to request work, review and download files, and communicate about your projects. In addition, you receive monthly reports to see how your hours were spent and reminders when you have time to use. 

  4. Before the Month Ends – We will schedule a call to review the project priorities for the upcoming month. Payment for the month ahead will be due on the 1st of each month.

  5. Repeat – The process will repeat for the remainder of the program level selected.

  6. Re-Evaluate – At the end of the contract, there will be an opportunity to review your program level and at that time we can determine if you want to adjust the number of hours reserved.

Our retainer program gives you the benefit of having an entire design, development and creative studio for priority hours each month without the pesky overhead costs of hiring an in-house designer. Secure help with all your marketing needs, by building a long term relationship with a design professional that cares about your brand’s identity as much as you do.


Prioritized Time

Retainer clients are given a higher priority. Enjoy total peace of mind and confidence that project deadlines are met.

Consistent + Quality Work

No need to outsource work to multiple designers. The quality and design strategy will be consistent across all of your marketing efforts.

No Payroll Headaches

No reason to hire an in house team! You have access to professionals without the overhead associated
with hiring employees.

Simplified Accounting

A set amount is paid each month for the duration of the retainer contract.

Less Paperwork

Eliminate per project proposals to approve and multiple invoices to track.

Preferred Rates

A stronger understanding of daily design requirements, lets us work more efficiently. As a result, we can offer a preferred rate. 


  • Print Design – Business Cards, Signage, Posters + Flyers, Brochures, Direct Mailers, Display Advertising, Event + Trade Show Booth Design, Product/Service Sell Sheets, Postcards, Notepads, Letterhead + Invoices + Documentation and more

  • Social Media / Digital Design – Banner and Cover Images, Post/Story Templates, Post Overlays, Highlight Covers, Infographics, Email Marketing Landing Pages, Newsletters, Evites, Web Advertising, Blog Post Templates...etc.

  • Website Maintenance – Adding New Pages or Features (Blog, Chat Window, Form), Updating Content, Plugins/Apps, Creating Backups, Host Migration...etc. For WordPress and Wix websites only.

  • Consultation Services – Helping you brainstorm design or marketing ideas for your next project.

    What’s Not Included – Identity Design + Branding Development, Website Design, Photography, Printing or Content Writing.


The retainer program is designed for clients who already have a brand identity and (at least) basic brand guidelines developed. 

A minimum 3-month commitment is required.

Level 1  | Starter
$880+HST per month
  • 10 Hours of Design Work 

  • Priority Service

  • One (1) 30-minute consultation call per month to review project scope

  • Project Report + Reminders

  • Preferred Rate - a $55 savings

Level 2  | Enterprise
$1,575+HST per month
  • 20 Hours of Design Work 

  • Priority Service

  • One (1) 60-minute consultation call per month to review project scope

  • Project Report + Reminders

  • Preferred Rate - a $210 savings

Level 3  | Ultimate
$2,170+HST per month
  • 30 Hours of Design Work 

  • Priority Service

  • One (1) 60-minute consultation call per month to review project scope

  • Project Report + Reminders

  • Preferred Rate - a $465 savings

Each retainer package has a set number of hours per month. Any overages in design time will be billed at our standard rate of $150 per hour. Unused retainer hours do not roll over and will expire at the end of each month. Notification will be given before overtime hours occur. Deception is not our cup of tea.




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