makes perfect

The journey is just as important as the destination.

Successful brand identities must first undergo deep self-reflection, strategy, design and implementation.


Our 5 step process will reveal the essence of your brand - the values and nuances that make you unique. We’ll build a strong foundation for your success by developing the tools you need to share your brand with the world. Each step along the way is equally important, all you have to do is choose to start the journey!

1 | Discover

First, we'll get to know you and your business, by taking a close look at your target market, the wider industry around you and determine exactly what makes your business unique. Expect lots of questions!

4 | Develop

Next, we’ll bring your brand to life, by designing everything you need to complete your seamless new look. Your made-to-measure branding package will include a website, print and social media collateral so that your brand can begin working for you! 

3 | Design

Now for the real fun! We'll sketch logo designs, then build out two full brand identity concepts that are perfectly tailored to you. A secondary logo, submark, colour palette, typography, patterns, and social signatures - you’ll have all the brand elements you need at your fingertips. Together, we’ll choose one that works brilliantly for your business.

2 | Devise

It’s time for smart thinking! We’ll conduct extensive research to examine your industry, target market and competitors. This knowledge will inspire the strategy + creative direction for your brand with a plan that includes a mood board, which visually explores how to authentically express your brand identity so it outshines your competition and drives a connection with your ideal customers.

5 | Deliver

Once approved we'll send you all your branding files and provide you with a tutorial that effectively makes each asset super-simple to use. Let’s celebrate! You’re ready to introduce your authentic new brand to the world.